How we do it

HIM have a wide range of research methods, tailor-made to our clients' needs

Our approach sets us apart, and has helped us to sustain over 20 years of business with some of the biggest brands in retail. Our customer research services provide a depth of analysis and insight which help our clients to create sustainable solutions for future growth.

Face to face shopper interviews

Face-to-face shopper interviews

We engage with shoppers at the 'moment of truth,' by personally administering pen and paper questionnaires. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of in-store activity, displays and point of sale promotions.

Accompanied shop - watch how they shop

Accompanied shop - watch how they shop

him!'s accompanied shop means that we can pinpoint the driving factors in purchasing decisions and the effectiveness of in-store displays. We combine shopper observations with face-to-face interviewing and employ observational methods such as heat maps, movement paths and detailed
                        shopper verbatim.

Focus groups - Discuss how they shop

Focus groups - discuss how they shop

Our focus groups allow us to uncover the in-depth attitudes and perceptions behind the shopper. By interacting with consumer groups, ideas can be generated and current activities can be effectively evaluated.

Web interviews with consumers

Web interviews with consumers

him!'s online interviews offer the chance for brands to target niche customer bases, or interview large and diverse consumer demographics in a quick and inexpensive way. Feedback provided by means of web interviews provides a sustainable way to conduct detailed analysis.

Front line feedback - retailer interviews

Front-line feedback retailer interviews

By talking to other retailers, feedback can provide an in-depth review of widespread issues, attitudes and behaviours. This allows data to be 'benchmarked' so that a more accurate understanding of individual performance can be gained.

Observe - Filming & auditing

Observe - filming and auditing

Our observational shopper research provides a constructive resource for retailers. The provided data records and analyses the impact that in-store factors have on customer movement, purchases and dwell time, and incorporates views by heat maps, film clips and quantitative data.

Telephone interviews with retailers and publicans

Telephone interviews with retailers and publicans

We talk to the people who observe and interact with consumers everyday, the people who hear what customers have to say and listen to what they want. Our interviews with retailers and publicans provide a cost efficient way to find out the views of other industry professionals.

Shopper diaries - recording how we shop

Shoppers diaries - recording how we shop

Shopper diaries provide a useful insight into consumer mindset and shopping behaviours, and the ways that these perspectives react to the shopping environment.

Collate opinions - what the trade say about you

Collate opinions - what the trade say about you

We look from the outside in, and talk to traders to find out what the industry's perceptions are about your business. By understanding views and opinions, moves can be made to shape these for the better, in-line with each brand's values and missions.

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