Are London shoppers really that different?

London shoppers

By Katie Littler, Communications Director

A phenomenal 46% of shoppers in London convenience stores are on a top-up mission - this rocketed from 28% in 2014 and this region is leading the way in attracting top up shoppers to the Convenience channel.

Why this significant increase? It seems that London convenience stores are increasingly delivering against shoppers top up needs, specifically when it comes to relevant range of products. An astounding 35% of London Top up shoppers are rating 'range of products' 10-out-of-10!

London shoppers satisfaction

What else do we need to do to keep London convenience shoppers happy?  Food-to-go is also a key shopping mission for them - higher in London than any other UK region. Having an appetising food-to-go range is essential in many London convenience stores and will help drive loyalty in highly competitive areas. With a huge amount of Food to Go on offer across a variety of channels – a combination of quality, value and attention grabbing branding is key.
Suppliers need to ensure they are a part of retailer meal deals in order to tap into the London Shoppers’ savviness and also increased desire for health vs many other UK regions.

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