Booker / Musgrave acquisition - FREE Infographic

Booker Musgrave deal


Hey! What’s going on?

Booker have acquired Musgrave Retail Partner GB, inc Londis and Budgens retail brands, for £40m, following approval from the CMA. Booker intend to further develop Budgens and Londis brands, alongside Premier and Family Shopper.

What does this mean in terms of numbers?

Booker will account for 9.4% share of the UK convenience market. This will cement Booker's place as biggest symbol group in the UK, with 4,907 stores.

Who do Booker say will benefit?

Retail customers benefit from improved local supply chain; better delivery & prices. It will help improve choice & prices for the shopper. Retail customers & shoppers will benefit from collaboration on store format, digital innovation, and efficiencies.

How does the shopper base for these retail brands now compare?


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