Who and Why: The UK High Street & Grocery Discounters

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Ruth Cousins, Marketing Executive

Whilst the recession and competition from e-commerce has undoubtedly threatened the UK High Street in recent years, it continues to play a crucial role in shopper’s everyday lives. However it is the grocery discounters that are increasing in popularity amongst just about everybody. The now world famous grocery discounters, Aldi and Lidl first stepped onto the scene in the 90s and have since opened hundreds of sites across the country. These German founded stores have broken away from their initial primary importance of value for money and are now known for their witty marketing campaigns and good quality produce.

But with the grocery discounters’ ever-changing offering, the increasing popularity of the fixed-priced discounters and the introduction of more and more grocery products into high street stores such as Wilko and Boots, it’s hard to keep track of who is shopping where and why. Our High Street & Discounter study has brought us up to date!

Grocery discounters and supermarkets have very similar shopper profiles. The majority of their shoppers are aged between 55 – 64, they are predominantly female and are from middle income households. Our research shows that Aldi and Tesco shoppers are the closest in shopper demographic amongst all supermarkets and grocery discounters. Surprising as when the discounter first created hit the UK grocery market, it was price that set it apart from the rest.

The threat to supermarkets continues as main shopper missions are now being adopted by grocery discounters. Supermarkets continue to take the lead for the main shop mission but the grocery discounters don’t follow too far behind! Top-up on the other hand is now level pegging across grocery discounters, supermarkets and interestingly, discount stores. The fixed priced discounters fulfil the least amount of grocery shopper missions however come up strong for items for pets and in particular, deal hunting.

As the grocery discounters undoubtedly are coming up trumps on the UK high street today, it is important to remember that it is online grocery shopping that is also looming in the future, something that currently supermarkets are doing very well.

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