Easter: A time for guilt free indulgences?


Holly Franklin, Client Manager

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that as a nation we are leaning towards the obese side of the scale and our levels of sugar intake has grown over the years. On the flip side, many are more health conscious than ever before which can been seen in the dramatic growth of healthy snacking in recent years. When looking into key events such as Easter, it begs the question as to whether this health trend is something which will impact these traditional national events associated with family and rightly or wrongly, a level of indulgence. Would the nation ever really shun indulging on confectionery on the one day a year you could say it is acceptable and even perhaps encouraged? I think not.

Confectionery will remain a key part of the Easter weekend (at least for me anyway) however what with the usual clash with Mother’s Day, shop floor and display space has been limited making it important for retailers and suppliers to work together to maximise both key opportunities with pre built stands, especially for confectionery. The good news for suppliers this year has been that retailers are aware of the importance of Easter for their stores in terms of driving sales growth to their store with Easter ranked higher than Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. 

It is also important to bear in mind that other categories should not be ignored. Our shoppers have told us that they will also be likely to buy flowers, cards and alcohol plus over half of shoppers in convenience stores saying they would be making a home cooked meal on Easter. There is therefore huge opportunity to inspire and engage with shoppers in convenience to capture their attention across the key missions.

Despite health appearing increasingly on governmental and personal agendas, moderation is the key word here. Whilst there will be individuals for whom indulgence takes on a different meaning, the general shopper looks forward to this guilt free opportunity to spoil themselves.

CTP clients can download the full report on Easter via our online HUB or contact us to gain access below:

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