Engage and interrupt shoppers to boost sales

The latest findings from him!’s CTP survey have found that convenience shoppers are on auto-pilot in-store, so it’s up to retailers to snap them out of it and get them adding items to their baskets.  

We live in interesting times: consumer price inflation and unemployment are falling, and GDP growth is showing five consecutive quarters of growth since before the crash. But what does all of this mean for local retailers? Does it even affect them at a store level? Well, according to the latest CTP survey by him!, the simple answer is very clearly ‘yes, it does’. The most in-depth annual study ever of the convenience industry in the UK reveals that, thanks to the fragile recovery, rent prices are rising, home ownership is decreasing and disposable income is being squeezed – all of which has an impact on convenience trends. Consumers are more content to shop around that ever (which is a continuing trend from last year) and while some debate has emerged over whether the ‘little and often’ trend is in fact a reality, the CTP findings show that this very factor will help drive growth in convenience over the next year. 

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