Exciting innovation in BP M&S Family Farm. We take a look at this new concept store

Jenny Pratt

Jennifer Pratt, Insights Manager 

This month, him! went to visit BP M&S’s new concept store. This is an example of a store re-designed to suit the needs of the female forecourt shopper. BP M&S attract more women to their forecourts than the average (55% vs. 42%), and so they have implemented a number of female-friendly innovations to suit these shoppers. Females make up the majority of the “stop n shop” segment in forecourts and so this shopper base is more valuable to forecourts that wish to become food-led, not fuel-led. BP M&S have best-in-class food-to-go offerings, fresh bakery and clever time of day merchandising in effect. Their clever queue systems and “forecourt conductors” mean customer service is up on top too. This represents innovation in the channel and validates how well BP M&S know their shoppers. The focus on fuel hasn’t hampered the fuel performance either – with a 2% uplift in fuel sales since the re-launch. View the full Eyes and Ears of this store visit on the online hub

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