Food To Go Forum: What the experts had to say

ftg forum

Health, the 'Transumer' and virtual store tours were just some of the highlights for delegates at the him! Food To Go Forum last week. The event welcomed four industry experts to the stage:

Ian Garrett, Sales Director of Convenience at Kerry Foods how Snacking was a key opportunity and showcased how a new brand driven, ‘Snack Stop’ bays, in Southern Coop had grown Food-To-Go sales by 10%.

 “Shoppers want it easy and want choice and excitement beyond just sandwiches and lunch (whilst this will always remain core).  Brands can support this – new occasions, new excitement at fixture, all in one place!” he commented.

Paul Taylor, General Manager of Food To Go at McColls predicts growth within their estate driven by Food To Go and shared plans which focuses on hot and chilled offer including a coffee led meal deal and rolling out further joint venture with Subway.

Michael O’Loughlin, MD at Applegreen told us that the focus for forecourts needs to shift from feeding their cars to feeding the customer - this is the 'Transumer'. 

Orr Vinegold, Marketing Director at Savse acknowledged the changing face of health throughout the ages and identified health as a major importance in the Food To Go market.

In addition to the varied and thought provoking guest presentations, him! shared mouth-watering insights from the brand new Food To Go Study. Here are 5 key take outs:

-          Only 14% of food to go shoppers are purchasing breakfast to go meaning that amongst others, there is ample opportunity for hot food and drink to go

-          Only a third of food to go shoppers are currently purchasing both food AND drink to go meaning there are two thirds still to encourage to pick up a drink

-          Half of shoppers say that the offer of a hot drink would make a meal deal more appealing

-          36% of food to go shoppers are looking to cut down their meat consumption, a hint to why we’re seeing an increasing number of vegetarian options in food to go e.g Veggie Pret

-          Over two thirds of food to go shoppers are prepared to pay more for a freshly prepared sandwich, encouraging for convenience stores looking to expand their fresh offering

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