Freshen up sales

Laundry and homecare chores are carried out all year round, but contract caterers often find they hit a peak in summer, which coincides with the influx of tourists to the UK and a surge in their activities. Savvy wholesalers can capitalise on this opportunity today, by stocking up on the right mix of brands and formats of cleaning products and detergents. However, it is essential that they don’t let their retail customers fall by the wayside.

The power of names Brands are important. Brand identity plays a very big role in the laundry and homecare sector. The largest companies spend heavily on outward-facing marketing campaigns that catch the public’s eye for retail and the customer’s eye for caterers, acting instantly as a badge of approval.

This is affecting catering, too. Jill Livesey, shopper insight & marketing director at Him!, explains: “Up to 50% of customers expect own-label cleaning products. There is clearly an opportunity to better understand foodservice and catering customers’ needs,”  

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