Grow your own-label way

With 36% of consumers switching to cheaper supermarkets and 10% of ‘wealthy’ shoppers using pound shops, the opportunity for high-quality, low-cost alternatives to branded lines is better than ever.

Not long ago, own-label lines were shunned by the average shopper as low-quality substitutes for the big brands. Private brands would be relegated to the bottom of retailers’ shelves and hidden among bigger names in wholesalers’ depots. But today, consumer demand for more choice and a better price is pushing own-label higher up the retailer’s and caterer’s agenda.

But it’s not just blue-collar workers who are opting for better value – all consumers are changing the way they shop. A recent AXA report revealed that 36% of shoppers say they have switched to cheaper supermarkets and 10% of so-called ‘wealthy’ consumers have given in to the temptation of pound shops. Meanwhile, 22% of shoppers are cutting back on food spending altogether. 

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