Is Health Here to Stay?


Ruth Cousins, Marketing Executive

It is fair to say that New Year’s resolutions to live and eat healthier are no new phenomenon. For another year running, many will have seen in the New Year with a regretful one drink too many following a vow to scoff their last mince pie before midnight. But as we begin to see a wider variety of healthy grocery options in a growing number of channels will 2016 see more people upholding their new year’s resolutions?

In January 2015 over 50% of people that we polled said they plan on exercising more and eating more healthily. However what people say and what people do can often be different – a whopping 80% of us fail to achieve our new year’s resolutions!

However what has in the past been described as health ‘trends’ may not be as faddy as some may have initially thought. Kale sales have more than doubled in the last year and juicers such as the Nutribullet have rocketed and retained popularity.

As the grocery market continues to become more and more competitive due to the rising popularity of the discounters and increased food-to-go offering on the UK high street, convenience stores are under even more pressure to keep up with the times. Back in 2012 over 30% of shoppers told us they thought convenience stores should be stocking more healthy products in the future yet today, nearly 80% don’t see convenience stores as credible places to buy fresh & healthy products!

With the more drastic ‘free-from’ diets fast approaching, convenience stores must at least keep up with the basics. Food-to-go and meal for tonight are two of the most popular missions for shoppers looking for healthy options, get these right and the rest can follow.  

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