How do retailers and foodservice operators behave in wholesale?

Katie Patton, Client Executive 

What drives foodservice operators to choose a particular method of purchase from a wholesaler? Our latest research focuses on understanding the key differences between how foodservice operators behave when purchasing their products online, placing telephone deliveries and visiting a cash & carry depot.

Understanding retailers’ and foodservice operators’ route to market is key to understanding how to influence them. The purchases made by retailers change depending on the route to market with fast selling and high priced goods more likely to be sourced through a cash & carry and fresh items through a delivered wholesaler. This has implications for product placement in-store and marketing products online.

The majority of foodservice operators and retailers always write a list /plan on what they are going to buy in advance so it is essential to influence their purchase decisions before they create their lists. Suppliers could use leaflets and the trade press as a means of getting on the list.

However retailers who order their stock online are most open to influence as fewer of them write a shopping list and they are more likely to buy on impulse. Suppliers should aim to get themselves on the homepage of wholesale websites to encourage impulse purchases.

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