What's the reason for choosing a wholesaler?

Ed Sibley, Senior Client Manager 

It is worth remembering how an understanding of shopper missions has changed the world of retail. Food-to-go, meal for tonight and big nights in are all catered for as a matter of course in any successful convenience store. But why has this understanding not been extended to the shopper behaviour of independent retailers and foodservice operators?  

Our latest wholesale research delves into the main drivers behind customers shopping behaviour in wholesale, whether online, over the phone or in depot, and looks at how the predominant wholesale mission shapes this behaviour and how we can influence most effectively.

From main shop to deal hunting we can tell you what defines the key wholesale missions and help you to target these customers pre, during and post ‘shop’. Customers use delivered wholesalers primarily as a main shop destination and tend to use physical cash and carry depots as a means to top-up during the week, either on a planned basis or driven by a distress need. The category drivers behind each of these are subtly different as is the level of pre-planning and impulse purchasing. Our mission's research goes into all these areas in much more detail. Want to find out more? Just get in touch.

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