Maximise your communication with shoppers

Sophie JonesSophie Jones, Client Manager  

The shopper types most open to influence in convenience are at home mums and those shopping for an evening meal solution as they notice messages and signs in-store the most. Encourage these shoppers to visit all the aisles of the store and increase their basket size. Want to know why?

Convenience shoppers are creatures of habit. When visiting a store, they are on auto pilot which makes the job of communicating to them that much harder. With 52% failing to notice any signs or messages in-store these barriers to communication need to be broken down.

Less than 5 minutes is spent in-store and with only 1 in 6 shoppers visiting all the aisles of a store, the time to engage with them is precious and little.

Having POS that is relevant to a visit being made in-store, for example those wanting to top-up or buy items for a particular meal, can help interrupt their auto pilot mind-set and inspire additional purchases. Those who visit all the aisles of a store spend 56% more than average.

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