Maximising BBQ sales this summer


The weather forecast is hot hot hot for many in the UK over the next few weeks and what does that mean for the Brits? Time to dust off the BBQ! 39% of Brits intend to host a BBQ this summer and 52% intend to attend one. The promise of good weather is the no.1 driver for us Brits to take the cooking outside and defrost the burgers! Although our latest research shows that simply seeing BBQ related promotions in-store as well as BBQ related displays in-store can inspire us to get the charcoal lit.

Why BBQ?

What are the main products Brits purchase for their BBQs? No.1 is still burgers (at 88% of BBQs), and just 44% of BBQs this summer will include an offering of vegetables and 59% salads. In-store displays should also include associated products such as sauces (bought for 71% of BBQs and alcohol 69%.

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