Meal solutions opportunity on Mothers Day

Katie Littler




Katie Littler, Insights & Communications Director

The meal for tonight opportunity in convenience stores on Mother’s Day (yes on Mother’s Day itself!) is unmistakable.

Last Mother’s Day the proportion of shoppers on a ‘meal for tonight/today’ shopping mission more than doubled compared with a regular Sunday! (from 5% on a non-event Sunday to 11% on mother’s day.) It should come as no surprise that the proportion of men in a c-store on Mothering Sunday is significantly higher than the average Sunday, as they panic buy for their wife or mum! (62% vs 51%)

For panicked last minute shoppers, convenience stores are in the perfect position to take advantage of an increased ‘meal for tonight’ need on and around mother’s day. Obviously great availability, inspirational signage and display in the weeks leading up to the event as well as a fresh, well-priced meal solution should be a focus for stores.  And remember it’s Dad or the kids that are likely to be cooking so we need to be tapping into the ‘spoonfeeding’ trend! How can you make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for these 'need it now' shoppers?

Despite 72% of UK adults buying a Mothers Day gift or card, relatively few shoppers intend to use convenience store for cards and gifts, so it looks like the ‘meal solutions’ opportunity is really something convenience retailers can’t ignore.

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