National Convenience Show and the ACS Forecourt Summit – What Did We Learn?

Brexit, the election, inflation…it seems to be a never-ending circle of pressure and uncertainty affecting not only the convenience sector but the retail landscape as a whole. But business goes on and recent industry events such as the National Convenience Show and the ACS Forecourt Summit have shown us the exciting future in store for the convenience sector.

So what have we learnt?

  • Forecourts continue to grow ahead of the curve with advancing car technology (i.e Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) and hydrogen fuelled cars) providing a potential 30 minute window of opportunity for retailers to influence and inspire them with purchase other than fuel.
  • Rising house prices and stagnant wages are leading to millions commuting for 2 hours or more. Longer commutes means that consumers are looking for convenient places to meet their everyday meal for tonight or planned top up mission and with forecourts often located in transient areas they are in prime location to exploit this.
  • Conversely, rising city population is accelerating the growth of food deliveries of food but it does mean a decline in individual car ownership with Peter Harrop (IDTechEX) predicting at the ACS Forecourt Summit that there will only be a continued rise of buses and taxis. However, as mentioned by James Lowman (ACS), with the election and the threat of a proposed £10 minimum wage this puts a lot of pressure on the ‘gig-economy’ and therefore

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