NEW Omni-channel shopper report

Omni-channel shopper

him! have launched an Omni-Channel shopper barometer, new research designed to enable retailers and suppliers to create successful sales strategies across multiple grocery channels.

Looking at one channel in isolation means suppliers and retailer are missing opportunities to win sales and shoppers. This report will give clients access to how shoppers shop across the different channels and ensure you understand the different behaviour, drivers and barriers.

We speak to a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK adults every month about their TOTAL omni-channel shopping habits. As well as bi-annual reports, the data is accessible to clients via our online HUB, comparable month-by-month and across channels. Category & account specific results available.

Important changes are happening to footfall patterns and the level to which diffferent shopping missions are happening where!

Download our FREE INFOGRAPHIC for more information on the omni-channel shopper.

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