Not all sales reps are created equal

JennyPratt Jenny Pratt, Senior Insights Director

We already know that 64% of retailers work from shopping lists. And we’ve told you that 96% of these retailers re-create their list each and every time they visit a depot. We know how important it is to get on these lists, but the pre-requisite to doing so is understanding how the retailers actually go about making lists for depots, or deciding on their online or phone order.

Our latest wholesale research shows that 40% begin this process in the stock room, by simply looking for what they are low in stock of. Another 20% always default to their best sellers list first, replenish that, and then create a list the rest. And another quarter walk about the store scanning fixtures from top to bottom, as they manually create list. But the strongest influencer regardless of process: supplier sales reps. This is the number 1 answer given by retailers on what influences what they decide to put on their list.

The question is, do your sales reps know how retailers order and make lists? Are they trained to give the right advice? Not all sales reps are created equal in the eyes of independent retailers - or at least, so they tell us! 

The climate is increasingly competitive (for example, 19 in every 20 retailers include a specific brand name on their list per category), it is imperative that suppliers’ sales reps are upskilled enough to make the right recommendations at the right time.  

If you want to really understand how retailers collate their orders and more importantly, how you can influence them, please get in touch.  Clients can access the full report, 'Understanding and influencing order collation' via the client hub would like to store information (cookies) on your computer. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this.
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