Poundland and 99p Store - better together?

Poundland 99p Store

The proposed deal between Poundland and 99p Store is still awaiting approval. We take a look at whether the deal is good for the shoppers; how their shoppers differ; what their different shoppers expect in store and how Poundland is likely to benefit.

99p Stores is the 2nd largest single price retailer in the UK with circa 250 stores. Poundland, which currently has 500 outlets, is set to take ownership of 251 stores trading as 99p Stores or Family Bargains, if the deal goes ahead. The deal would see Poundland pay £47.5m in cash, and offer new Poundland shares worth £7.5m.

him! have spoken to 7,000 shoppers at discounter stores, including shoppers at Poundland and 99p Store. Shoppers at Poundland and 99p Store are currently very similar with a significant proportion of shoppers having visited both retailers - 1-in-2 99p Store shoppers already visit a Poundland in a typical week.

Take a look at our latest report looking at what the Poundland / 99p Store deal would mean for shoppers.

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