Progress needs partnership

A recent SGF seminar held in Glasgow covered many aspects of the industry, from illicit trade, to lobbying, shopper behaviour and current trends. The key message from all is that partnerships are required to keep every aspect of the industry moving.

Ed Sibley from him! looked at convenience sector last, present and future. “Print press has been in massive decline due to technology, but the footfall in libraries has been stable.” He said. “The point is that they’ve changed the way they do business and the reasons people visit them has changed. It’s about changing the way you attract people to the business. This can be used in convenience stores.” Sibley went on to explain that the reasons people visit their local store has changed, that retailers are looking at new ways to drive footfall. “Even in the last year we’ve seen huge changes, like convenience stores moving into discounting; there’s the blurring of the lines and customers don’t look at each channel the same way.” To illustrate this, he pointed to a Waitrose next door to an Iceland store, and how forecourts are now c-stores and food-to-go operations. He said that customer service, meal occasions and acting locally would be the three drivers in the future.” Just 69% of people know what they’re having for dinner at 4pm the same day. There is huge potential for convenience stores in this area.  

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