Put your hands up for the Women in Wholesale

women in wholesale

This week, Jill Livesey, MD at him! joined 14 other women who know a thing or two about the wholesale sector to share experiences and opinions. The Women in Wholesale event consisted almost entirely of female speakers and addressed an entirely female audience.

Speakers included top industry figures such as Debbie Robinson, MD at Spar UK, Ellie Krupa, Sales Director at Premier Foods and Claire Bocking, Commercial Director at McCormick & Company.

Speakers and panellists tackled issues such as positive discrimination, diversity in the sector as well as how to grow sales!

Wise words from Women in Wholesale:

Mentors and Sponsors - why wouldn't you? Sue Knowles, Costco, stressed the value of having 'sponsors' in business, the new improved versions of mentors - "Sponsorship is even more valuable than mentoring"

Keep lines of communication open and fresh
With your colleagues, with industry colleagues AND with customers - "Nearly 1/3 of retailers want to be contacted via WhatsApp" Jill Livesey, MD, him!

Keep your eyes on the future
Debbie Robinson, Spar UK revealed what the store of the future might look like. A place where you might choose to spend time, focussed on experience as well as function. 

Diversity is key to the wholesale sector's future success
Women make over 80% of the discretionary spending decisions across the globe.

Support for Women in Wholesale is now available
FWD announced a bursary fund for women to support skills, training and career development. Hooray! 

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