What's the reason shoppers go to a convenience store?

It's important to understand what drives a shopper to store in the first place, we refer to this as understanding "shopper missions". Our latest convenience research from our Convenience Tracking Programme (CTP) reveals that the channel has succeeded in attracting more shoppers to store through focusing on the "top-up, food-to-go and meal occasion shopper"

There are a high proportion of shoppers on a top-up mission and newsagent missions also using the store for meal solutions. 40% of those on a top-up mission also use convenience stores for food-to-go and / or meal for tonight. It’s important to maintain shoppers on a top-up and newsagent missions as losing them could equal the loss of those that go on to buy into meal occasions too.  It’s easier to convert these shoppers already in store to buy meal occasions too, rather than recruit new shoppers altogether for this mission.

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