Sainsbury's first combined pharmacy and convenience store

Laura Greene, Insights Executive 

Sainsbury’s have been providing a pharmacy service to outpatients at Guy's Hospital in London since 2012, but recently they have taken over the pharmacy completely to become the first retailer to combine a convenience store and pharmacy in a hospital setting. The new store has employed 25 local people and offers a broad range of convenience goods for patients, visitors and staff.

The store itself may be small but it neatly fits in a good range of products across key categories, including chilled dairy and meats towards the entrance of the store. Mission management is also apparent with a lunch meal deal, top-up items including fresh fruit & veg, milk and wrapped bakery as well as a meal for tonight range, focussing on the core missions that will be the main footfall driver to a store in this particular location. The store has only one staff operated till and the rest are self-service.

People like to shop locally and frequently and this extends to all retail arenas. So the fact that Sainsbury’s are moving into this format and extending their service offering reflects an understanding of the preferred behaviour of shoppers. It mirrors the US model of retailing where pharmacy and food/beverage retailing are often housed under one roof, to make the solution more convenient.

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