The secret life of the Health & Beauty shopper

Health & beauty in convenience

Pharmacies and supermarkets may be the first place which shoppers turn for their health & beauty needs but 1-in-20 UK adults are now buying health & beauty products in Convenience stores.

That's 1.9 million health & beauty purchasing occasions, happening in convenience stores, every week.

Many health & beauty brands are not giving this growing channel the attention it deserves and are missing out on potential sales.

Health, beauty and household products may not be the largest footfall driving categories in the convenience sector. However, they are important spend drivers at convenience stores: a staggering 73% of household products shoppers told us that they were “happy to take the time to browse the aisles and products here today”. Small and mighty, the health, beauty and household categories can drive spend but also the loyalty that is so important to convenience retailers.

So who is the typical health and beauty shopper in Convenience, who claim to purchase 27% of their total health & beauty category needs from the convenience channel? We can tell you.

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