Share the love this Valentine's Day

V-day display

Ruth Cousins, Marketing Executive

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, convenience store retailers are getting themselves ready for one of their busiest events of the year. On the whole, convenience stores aren’t usually the most popular channel choice when it comes to national events such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Only 3% of shoppers told us that a convenience store would be the most likely place they would purchase food and drink from for an event.

However, it is somewhat of a different story when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Where does one go in a hurry to show that their loved ones are special to them? Last year almost a quarter of shoppers bought or were planning to buy Valentine’s Day chocolates from a convenience store, a huge leap in comparison to other events.

Charles Whitehead, Client Manager at him! commented, “We have to question why shoppers choose supermarkets over convenience stores when it comes to most events. I would argue that it is range, or at least the perception of range. The shoppers we surveyed said that when choosing supermarkets over convenience stores, range is the second most important factor after price when purchasing food and drink for events.”

As these are increasingly hectic times and the forgetful partner stereotype still rings as true as ever, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for convenience stores. Whitehead added, “In order for convenience stores to maximise seasonal occasions it is important they think about the needs of their local shoppers on Valentine’s Day, whether it be premium chocolates or value Prosecco.”

Whilst convenience is clearly key for shoppers on Valentine’s Day, this should not suggest that shoppers are willing to sacrifice other important elements of products. Almost half of shoppers on the lookout for gifts in stores want quality too! Convenience stores should be stocking chocolates, alcohol and other treats with attractive packaging to draw in shoppers looking for a premium gift.

Despite convenience stores doing well with this particular event, there is more that can be done to grow the opportunity. Almost half of retailers that we spoke to said they would like to see manufacturers do more to help drive sales during seasonal events. Helping to create eye-catching and innovative displays at the front of stores will ensure shoppers know that the store is a credible place to purchase premium gifts from. Last year, only 6% of shoppers said they noticed Valentine’s Day displays in the run up. It’s time to share the love!

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