Shoppers are using an increasing number of retailers

Katie Littler




 Katie Littler, Insights & Communications Director

The latest research from him! research & consulting show that UK adults are spreading their monthly grocery spend even thinner across a growing number of retailers. 27% of UK adults say they are using a higher number of different retailers in a typical month vs this time last year. Just 8% said less.

UK adults use 4 different grocery retailers, on average, per month and this number is increasing. Not only are we continuing to see shoppers do smaller, more frequent shops, but those smaller shops are now being spread thinner across a wider number of retailers with each retailer.  Their weekly ‘grocery footprint’ is growing.

The research shows that in a typical week 96% of UK adults will now use a supermarket, 70% will use a convenience store, 43% will use a discounter and a similar proportion are now buying groceries online.

30% of UK adults don’t do a regular ‘main shop’ anymore they spread their monthly grocery spend across a number of retailers throughout each week.

We are trying to understand the total shopper footprint. We’re tracking shopper visits from convenience stores, to supermarket, to discounters, online and beyond. and they’re telling us that their weekly ‘grocery footprint’ is growing. Its important that both retailers and suppliers understand where their shoppers are going and why they may not be purchasing certain products in certain stores.

Source: This data comes from our new ‘Convenience Barometer’ – interviews with a nationally representative sample of UK adults every month. Our aim to understand convenience shoppers, wherever they are shopping. And our new ‘High St’ study – capturing shoppers opinions on supermarkets vs discounters vs convenience stores.

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