Shoppers use different formats within convenience for different reasons

Jennifer Pratt Jennifer Pratt, Insights Manager  

Shoppers use different shopping channels for different reasons. Price and higher perceived quality have long been the pull factors for shoppers to choose supermarkets over convenience. In the same way, shoppers use different formats within convenience for different reasons. This is true especially of symbols: the same symbol fascia may serve remarkably different needs depending on whether it is located in a transient or in a neighbourhood location, or similarly, whether it is situated in a region with a larger urban catchment, or small rural one.

In our report on Formats, him! identify 4 specific formats within symbols: a) Urban Transient, b) Urban Neighbourhood, c) Rural Transient, and d) Rural Neighbourhood. We identify how the behaviour of shoppers’ change depending on which format is used and establish what the shopper profile in each is. Further to that, we identify where each symbol format sits in the wider repertoire of stores used.  With intense competition for share of shopper spend on the high street, competition is set to only get bigger, it’s more important than ever for convenience stores to be satisfying the needs of their shoppers. Understanding what shoppers are using the store for and tailoring the range of products and services to meet these needs is critical to gain shopper loyalty and drive both basket size and spend. would like to store information (cookies) on your computer. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this.
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