Are shopping lists important?

 Jennifer Pratt, Senior Insights Manager 

Yes, 64% of independent retailers use shopping lists and 96% re-create these lists every time. 

A lot of us are aware of the prominence of shopping lists in the wholesale world, and suppliers for the most part understand the importance of getting on to the retailer's shopping list. However, we wonder if suppliers fully understand the importance of staying on that list, as a whopping 96% of retailers write a new list each time they visit a depot. This means that the opportunity is wide open for suppliers to make it on to the list, but the threat of falling off it is wide open too.

We must understand then, how retailers construct these lists. For example, the fact that 90% do not specify a particular brand means that suppliers have the opportunity to win over less brand-loyal retailers by executing the best promotion on that particular category, or by securing the optimum space for their POS displays. The fact that 34% make lists in a very detailed way (e.g. exact brand, product and quantity, to sku level), suggests that promotions within those categories need to be more targeted to have full persuasive impact. Find out which categories tend to have detailed lists and which ones are more vague with our 2014 wholesale research. And we don’t have this information for retailers only, we have it for foodservice operators too, highlighting the key differences in how they use and write lists. Please get in touch to find out more. would like to store information (cookies) on your computer. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this.
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