Why are Lidl winning awards, according to their shoppers?

Lidl Grocer of the Year


Often over-shadowed by others in the discounter arena, Lidl was crowned overall 'Grocer of the Year' of the year at this month's Grocer Gold awards. Lidl smashed through the £4bn sales barrier with growth of 20% in 2014.

What has Lidl done to grow these sales:

  • It's marketing has truly opened it up to the British public for the first time.
  • It is continually driving in-store experience - for eg it's currently trialling self-service tills
  • New back office automative ordering systems which still empower managers to make local decisions
  • Focus on provenance - Lidl says £1.7bn of that £4bn is from British products

But what makes it so attractive now, in the eyes of the UK shopper?

  • c1-in-4 UK adults have visited a Lidl in the last 7 days
  • 23% of Tesco shoppers have also visited a Lidl in the last 7 days
  • c1-in-3 Lidl shoppers are now social group AB
  • >1-in-4 shoppers in Lidl claim to be doing their 'main' grocery shop
  • They are attracting a much higher proportion of shoppers to their in-store bakery range vs competitors
  • 75% of Lidl shoppers will have fresh fruit or veg in their baskets

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