1. Morrisons & McColl's: Shopper Profiles Comparison

    The Morrisons and McColl’s partnership is big news for the channel. Did you know that there are surprising similarities in their shoppers’ profiles too?

    The partnership brings the re-introduction of a Safeway brand. Do British consumers still remember it? How do they feel about the brand?

  2. Forecourt Retailing: Current Trends & Opportunities

    Long gone are the days of forecourts simply being a place to fill up on fuel, but rather now position themselves as for some being the most convenient shop in direct competition with traditional convenience stores.

  3. Winning in Wholesale: 4 Actionable Tactics to Drive Sales [WHITEPAPER]

    HIM’s Wholesale research spans the cash and carry, online delivered and telephone delivered routes to market. Quantitative interviews are conducted with retailers and foodservice operators using these routes in order to understand the customers, what their priorities are and where their dissatisfactions lies. We delve into topics like range rationalisation, effective communication and pricing in order to truly understand the thought processes of the wholesale customer.

  4. Private Label Trends 2017 - The Growth of Own Label

    In past years, own label was seen as a less desirable alternative to major brands, yet today, shoppers now trust own label as much as brands. Supermarkets, discounters and convenience stores have all directed their attention to improving the quality and attractiveness of their own label products.

  5. Easter: the perfect opportunity for driving impulsivity

    When talking about what the modern shopper demands, health-consciousness is on the agenda of almost every conversation. Refreshingly, the concepts of sugar limits and calorie counting get set aside when it comes to Easter and instead our attention turns to treats and impulsivity.

  6. Wholesale Awards 2017

    Thursday 29th saw HIM deliver the annual wholesale awards, kindly hosted by the FWD at The Hilton at St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent. In recent weeks, we have been busy speaking to 4,000 retailers and 3,500 foodservice operators across three routes to market – cash & carry, telephone and online - to establish their opinion on and satisfaction with different wholesale providers. From this, we proudly presented 13 awards to recognise the champions in our sector.

  7. Irish Convenience Market Trends [WHITEPAPER]

    Convenience is as popular as ever in Ireland, with shoppers visiting a convenience store on average at least twice a week. However, time spent and subsequently money spent in store is falling behind that of the UK for example. In fact, 2 in 3 shoppers spend less than 5 minutes in a store in Ireland compared to less than half of those in the UK and it’s even less in the rest of Europe.

  8. Meeting Convenience Shopper Needs in 2017 [WHITEPAPER]

    Marketplace competition is increasing, while external factors including legislation are putting pressure on retailer bottom lines. At the same time, shoppers are more demanding in terms of both their shopping experience and value for money expectations. When it comes to convenience, the mix of challenges and opportunities are what makes it such a vibrant and dynamic channel to work in for both retailer and suppliers and it’s what makes our work at HIM so exciting.

  9. Shopper Marketing: How to Measure In-store Display Effectiveness

    By teaming up with POPAI we have developed a groundbreaking research tool that aims to answer this question and more. Ultimately providing you with the key tools to deliver effective and impactful displays within convenience stores.

  10. Convenience Display Effectiveness Study

    The average adult’s brain generates 70,000 thoughts per day as it helps us to cope with the world around us, keep us alive and wonder about what’s for dinner that night. Luckily, our brains have also developed safeguards to ensure that we don’t have to process all those thoughts every day, as otherwise, we wouldn’t get anything done!

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