Meet him!

The people behind him! research & consulting are fun, committed, ambitious and always keen to learn.

The him! team provides high-level research and consulting for over 100 blue-chip organisations within the food and leisure industries. We do this by speaking to more than 100,000 shoppers, consumers, retailers, store sales staff and head office executives - every year. In addition to this, our team runs authoritative syndicated shopper tracking programmes.

Founded in 1967, our management team boasts over 20 years of experience within the company and it's their skillset and depth of experience which offer real benefits to our clients. Our methodologies shape our clients' business decisions and strategies, helping them to prepare for the future in the fast moving world of retail.

Meet the team that makes all of this happen.

The convenience research experts

Photo of Jill Livesey

Jill Livesey

Managing Director

Photo of Katie Hemmings

Katie Hemmings

Commercial Director

Research, Insights and Marketing

Photo of Blake Gladman

Blake Gladman

Research & Insight Director

Photo of Jack Snow

Jack Snow

Office Executive & PA

Photo of Ruth Cousins

Ruth Cousins

Events & PR Manager

Photo of Louise McWhirter

Louise McWhirter

Head of Insights

Photo of Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Insight Account Analyst

Photo of Alice Dolling

Alice Dolling

Insight Account Analyst

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Account Management

Photo of Holly Franklin

Holly Franklin

Client Manager

Photo of Ed Sibley

Ed Sibley

Client Services Director

Photo of Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead

Senior Client Manager

Photo of Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw

Senior Client Manager

Photo of  Val Kirillovs

Val Kirillovs

Senior Client Manager

Photo of Josh Clifton

Josh Clifton

Account Manager

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Business Development 

Photo of Molly Wilmot

Molly Wilmot

Director of New Business

Photo of Belle Nairac

Belle Nairac

New Business and Client Manager

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