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 Katie Hemmings giving a presentationOur exceptional advice and recommendations come from the unique combination of our massive (and still growing) bank of shopper & customer feedback and our team's varied career experiences.

We can help with:

A 'fresh pair of eyes' for your strategy planning

We help companies rethink their strategies, defining new ways of solving recurring problems and creating value in an ever-changing and uncertain retail environment. If you think your company could benefit from not just customer feedback, but help with understanding what that feedback means for your business, then contact us now.

What our clients say...


"Working with the him! symbol retail panel has provided Boost with the opportunity to reaffirm its brand positioning in the channel as Champion of the Independents and ensures that key retailers in the sector are aware of our message. As significant influencers amongst other retailers the opportunity to have retailer quotes from the panel act as a powerful communication tool that enables us to drive our brand message through the sector."

Natalie Rich, Marketing Manager, Boost Drinks

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