Syndicated Research

HIM conducts multi-client, syndicated customer insight research, which provides our clients with an invaluable understanding of consumer attitudes.

Our insight research operates across the following channels:


HIM have spoken to convenience shoppers for 20 years. Working with suppliers, retailers and associations to bring them closer to the shopper. We are the convenience experts!

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him! have been speaking to independent and symbol retailers, and food service providers for 12 years. We now speak to more wholesale customers, more often, sharing new category insight throughout the year.

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High Street

The high street is evolving and the channels are blurring. Here at HIM we ask shoppers their opinions on the latest industry news and key topics facing the market.

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Out of Home

him! speak to consumers who are eating "food to go" outlets and foodservice providers to understand their behaviours and attitudes.

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Our syndicated research is:

Our research and insights

Our experienced team of dedicated client directors, managers and executives use the findings highlighted by our research insights to analyse, interpret and develop action plans for each of our clients.

HIM research and consulting deliver a lot more than just the answers to the questions. We benefit from decades of experience, which has given us the capacity to deliver insights and recommendations which are based on our solid understanding of the entire retail industry.

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