The voice of UK convenience

2 in 3 UK adults use convenience stores

The convenience shopper

HIM have spoken to convenience shoppers for over 20 years, bringing the industry closer to shoppers and shaping the language. Our research explains the UK convenience landscape by using more than 20,000 face to face shopper interviews, conducted throughout the UK.

Shopper insight that explains the who, how and why of convenience shopping and provides retailers and suppliers with a ‘common language’ on which to base category plans, commercial decisions and future strategies. Our clients have access to named retailer shopper and category data and insights providing a complete understanding of UK convenience, demonstrated from the shopper perspective.

What we find out

We know that the information that we supply is of huge value to our clients, that's why we offer the following tools: a new online 'client hub' for quick and easy access to the information they need, regular summary and analysis reports, an easy to integrate online dashboard, monthly updates from their specific sector and an all-new 'him to go' webinar series.

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