The UK high street from a shopper's perspective

40% of shoppers say it's easier to shop in discounters

Smaller and more frequent shopping is now happening across all retail formats on the high street. Today's busy lifestyles now mean that shoppers tend to grab items 'on the go' - be it for immediate consumption or items of shopping to 'top up' grocery supplies at home.

The rise of small(er) supermarkets and discounters

The UK high street has seen the numbers of high street supermarkets grow, couple this with a rise in the credibility of discounter stores, and it is little wonder that shopper attitudes towards these outlets has evolved. We offer a comprehensive insight into shopper behaviour, basket purchases and shopper opinion across these retail formats, giving our clients a clear picture of the opportunities offered by these high street retailers. We interview shoppers not only at the big supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and more) but also at the growing 'discounters' and value retailers - Aldi, Lidl, Wilkinsons, Poundland, Iceland and more.

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What we find out

We know that the information we supply provides value to our clients, that's why we offer the following tools: a new online 'client hub' for quick and easy access to vital information, regular summary and analysis reports, an easy to integrate online dashboard, monthly updates from specific sectors and an all-new 'him to go' webinar series.

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